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Average cost per month, if paid annually $1.10 $3.31 $8.24
Exclusive Web 2.0 Webmail with anti-virus and anti-spam features, for reading/sending messages
Disk space 250Mb 1000Mb 5000Mb
Monthly traffic (maximum data transfer) 1Gb 5Gb 50Gb
Independent IMAP/POP3 accounts, for e-mail 1 20 500
E-mail aliases / forwards 1 200 2000
Private and unlimited FTP access accounts 1 1 1
SQLite databases (fast PHP-embedded database engine for web sites with up to 100 thousand visits per day) for the storage of product, customer and order data, etc.
MySQL 4.1.×+ databases (professional database competing with Oracle and MS-SQL) for the storage of product, customer and order data, etc. 0 0 2
Advanced security and user authentication system for e-mail and FTP (SSH tunneling) and user visitors (HTTPd) ×
PHP 5.2.4+ (server-side scripting, similar to ASP, only faster and more mature) for the development of smart web sites with form submission error detection, database interaction, etc.. The following modules are included: CURL, dba, gettext, image (gd), mbstring, OpenSSL, Pspell, Session, WDDX, XML, Zlib, amongst others.
DNS record for each domain with our own nameservers
Unlimited domains pointing to the same root
Free availability of "catch all" default e-mail forwarding
Compatible with web sites developed under any Windows, Apple/Mac or Linux/UNIX system, using the standard tools from Microsoft Word, FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver or others
.htaccess (password-protected folders, custom error pages, etc.)
SSI (server-side includes) for faster and cheaper development and maintenance of the web site
PHP-based advanced e-mail sending (send e-mails with accent characters, HTML body, attachments, etc.)
PHP-based form-to-email (receive web site form data on your e-mail)
CGI (bash, a.out, C, Perl 5) for advanced functions and installation of free web site development utilities
Detailed web site access records for later statistical analysis and success evaluation
Professional backup system for redundancy and data recovery on the event of hardware failure
Professional technical support
Network and hardware infrastructure availability uptime of 99.9%, guaranteed by a dedicated 5000m² data centre equipped with Cisco network equipment, UPS systems, generators, HVAC systems and biometric security devices
No requirement to maintain your services with us, once activated

Free 24h setup.
Add 23.00% VAT in the European Union (EU).