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These terms and conditions govern the trade relation and expectations between a service supplier and a customer.

The service supplier is Corebase in the form of its service, and hereafter referred to as "", or "we", "our", etc..

The customer is the legal entity (company, etc.) or person that registers it/himself with its/his data on our order form, and that will be hereafter referred to as "the customer", "the client", or "you", "he", "your", etc..

The letters that precede each of the following headers are merely identifiers to ease referring to that header's section.

[W] Service ownership

  1. Services are registered with the data supplied to us during the order process;
  2. No formalities are required (hand written letters, signatures, document copies, etc.) for the setup of the services, but they may be required for some later changes at customer request; if the data that is supplied to us during the order process is incorrect, the customer may be denied such changes;
  3. In some cases (namely domains of certain terminations / TLDs), the services may be registered under the name of, so as to ensure our ability to manage such services; in these cases, the domains will, whenever possible, be delegated to the customer's name if he cancels them and has no pending debts;
  4. All communication and authentication of customer requests is made informally by e-mail, even if the customer has ever supplied us other formal documents; it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that only he has access to the e-mail box supplied to us during the order process, that such address is correct, and that it is read at least once a week; it is also his responsibility to notify us before changing his e-mail address; all requests received and/or confirmed coming from that address are considered real, authenticated and final; all messages sent to that address are considered read after one (1) week, or after customer response, regardless of errors such as "POP3 box is full", "bad e-mail address" or others, which will not be verified;

[U] Acceptable use policy

  1. The customer is solely responsible for all content and use of the computer resources and services rented from us, and explicitly releases from any legal responsibility arising from those, accepting to cover all legal costs and compensations related to suites against for content or misuse of the services rendered;
  2. The customer may not use the services we render to undermine the trade name - this includes (amongst others) using our name (or other trademarks/services of the same group) in a commercially negative way, or presenting content on the Internet that is considered objectionable by a significant portion of the population to the point where they ask for the cancellation of your account;
  3. In particular, the services we render cannot be used with purpose to undermine (knowingly or otherwise) the stability, security or privacy of networks, servers or systems; this includes software such as IRC and spam, amongst others, that undermine our systems in terms of performance and interoperability;

[Q] Service quality

  1. offers a quality service, which in this business area roughly means a continuous, fast and uninterrupted service; however, cannot not guarantee that it will always be able to offer it (partially or completely) in these conditions;
  2. The general service features are described in our web site, but reserves the right to change the sub-systems (modules of such features, etc.) how and when it needs to; also reserves the right to change these features with at least one (1) month notice, even though we may need to change them without any notice to solve urgent security or reliability problems; however we try to avoid these changes as they could hinder applications developed by our customers;
  3. Our technical support will provide help on how to use the available features, but they are forbidden to change server configurations or add server features: we therefore cannot guarantee that the service(s) will be suited for any particular customer purposes and you should evaluate suitability from the list of available features as published on our web site; we also cannot guarantee that our technical support provides rapid responses, or that it is able to answer all technical customer issues, as they depend on the software the customer uses, or specific configurations thereof;

[C] Cancellation

  1. Customers can request account cancellation at any time, if the request is made prior to the account's renewal date; the cancellation can be for that renewal date (the account(s)'s service(s) will be pending for non-renewal), or to the date of the request itself; in either case there is no credit;
  2. Accounts are automatically cancelled if its service(s) is (are) transferred to another provider (namely the domain), whether the customer informs us of such intention, or not; in either case there is no credit;
  3. Accounts are automatically cancelled if the customer does not pay for the service renewal, in full, up to one (1) week prior to the renewal date; on that week all services, namely domains, will be set pending for non-renewal, and may be lost (cancelled) even if the customer pays us in the meantime (however, in this latter case, and only in this case, there will be credit);
  4. Accounts are automatically cancelled if any country's government agency asks us to do so, on legal grounds; on such case there is no credit
  5. Accounts are automatically cancelled if the customer has broken any of terms described herein; there is no credit unless explicitly stated on all such terms;
  6. will alert the customer if he is violating these (or other) terms, giving him some time (if possible) to correct the situation; if this is not corrected within the allotted time, the account(s) will be cancelled, without credit;
  7. In some cases, due to legal or other restrictions, may not inform the customer about the reason for the account's cancellation warning; however, in such cases, there will always be credit;
  8. When an account is actually cancelled, all its content is deleted without possibility of recovery, so we therefore recommend our customers to keep local backup copies of their online data;
  9. You may be asked for fees when removing services from the non-renewal state back into normal active state;

[B] Billing and payments

  1. You will receive an e-mail with the summary of the amount to pay and method of payment (which will always involve a visit to the web site to ensure authenticity), at least one (1) month prior to the service renewal date, or on the date when extras are used or new services ordered; if you do not receive this e-mail, you should contact us on our web site requesting this information;
  2. Payment must only be made using one of the accepted payment methods shown on that e-mail; payments by other means will force us to charge you processing fees;
  3. All fees, extras and other costs agreed upon or shown on our web site, must be paid for in the agreed date and in the agreed payment method; these may only be invoiced after payment;
  4. will not send invoices prior to your first service payment; however, you will receive invoices for that payment and all the following, sent in a digitally signed e-mail according to European Union rules regarding electronic invoicing;
  5. will never send paper invoices;

[R] Refunds and credits

  1. Credit is calculated with the accuracy of one (1) Gregorian calendar month, as used in most of the world; i.e., no credit is provided for periods smaller than one (1) month;
  2. Credit, when provided, is based only on the number of months that have not yet been used, not even in part, from the date when the accounts will be (or were) closed, and the date they are paid for;
  3. Credit is automatically used in the later partial or total payment of (other) services, if active;
  4. Credit is only refunded when the customer has no active services with us; if the amount in credit is less than ten (10) Euros/Dollars/Pounds, credit is just cancelled with no refund; otherwise we deduct 10% of the amount to refund (i.e., we only refund 90% of the amount in credit) to cover payment processing fees;
  5. Refunds are made by check ("cheque") or wire transfer; in the latter case, the beneficiary will support the transfer costs of its bank;

[M] Miscellaneous

This is version 1.2 of these terms. Customers may be requested to read new versions of these terms and accept them: no response to such requests within two (2) months will be taken as tacit acceptance. will be entitled to cancel without credit accounts of customers who explicitly do not accept the new terms.

If you you're registering a new domain, you'll be responsible for becoming informed on the particular registration terms of the domain you selected, as imposed by its TLD's managing registrar; by agreeing to these terms and ordering such domain you are also agreeing to such domain terms.

These terms will remain in full force until all customer services are canceled, even in cases of proven customer bad faith.